Business introduction

Slag Recycling

Setting the Standard for Slag Recycling

NMD has been the world leader in slag processing since 1955. Since the development of our exclusive technology, we have consistently produced high quality, value added products for all of the major Japanese integrated steel mills.
Our processing technology is able to provide metal of substantially high quality.
In addition to being a profitable adjunct to the steel mills, we can supply improved slag suitable for cement production, soil improvement and road construction material.

Non-Ferrous Metals Recycling

Protect the Precious Domestic Resources

Due to the exorbitant costs associated with separation and collection of composite and mixed non-ferrous metal products domestically, these are increasingly being sent abroad for processing, where there is more of a demand for such resources. NMD is working hard to establish a system of resource recycling to protect these precious domestic resources.

Equipment & Plants

The Experts in Design, Development and Manufacturing

Based on waste matter treatment technology fostered by the waste processing operations of the company’s production facilities, NMD is engaged in the development and sales of machinery and equipment to be used in environmental improvement efforts (most notably separating devices).
NMD is utilizing its crushing & separating processing technology fostered through its many years of slag processing to engineer devices that make resource recycling a reality.

Overseas Activities

Providing Tomorrow's Answers for Today's Problems

NMD has a distinguished track record of delivering its products overseas that dates back to the early days of its establishment in 1953. Much of this consists of expansion into the Far East and Russia. In recent years, NMD has been increasing its presence in South Korea and China, as well as India and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Detail Client

Supply The
Magnetic Separator

*High Gauss
Magnetic Separator
<HIGAMS over 20 units >

1953 Philippines The first export
( WDA class wet magnetic separator )
1958 Sri Lanka Ilmenite Public Corporation
2006 Korea POSCO Gwangyang
2007 China Maanshan Iron & Steel
Wuhan Iron & Steel
2008 Korea POSCO Gwangyang
2009 China Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet
Shougang Group
2010 China Shougang Group
2011 India Tata Steel
China Baosteel
2012 China Baosteel    
Maanshan Iron & Steel
Pangang Group
2013 India JSW Steel
China Taigang Iron & Steel
2015 China Shougang Group
2016 China Zhejiang Nisshin
Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron & Steel

Detail Client
Technical Assistance
Agreement for
Slag Processing
1980 Korea POSCO Pohang
1990 Korea Samsung Heavy Industries
1992 Korea POSCO Kwangyang Phase 1
1993 Ukraine Makeevka Steel
2002 Korea POSCO Pohang
2005 China Shanghai No.1 Iron & Steel
2006 China Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering
2007 Russia Chelyabgipromez
2010 China Beijing Rilian YongtuoMagnetic Separation

Detail Client
Supply Equipment
for Slag Processing
1984 China Baosteel
( Steelmaking Slag)
1993 Korea POSCO Kwangyang Phase 2
( Converter Slag )
Ukraine Makeevka Steel
Corporate Participation 1988 Korea Inchong Steel
1999 Korea Han Kook Metics Co., LTD.
*Magnetic separator
manufacturing & sales
2007 China Shanghai Kaituo
Magnetic Dressing Metal Co.,LTD.
* The stainless slag processing

Research & Development

Leading the Way to the Next Generation

In order to provide our customers with the optimal solutions to their recycling and resource recovery needs, NMD is committed to applied development research aimed at separation and selection technology.